Can you imagine animals behaving like that?  Maybe you could do an acrobatic stunt yourself!  

Next, head toward the front of the Senior Center.  You'll see another Senor there, and he's
relaxing with a good book.

Begin your Critter Crawl at the north entrance to City Hall (facing the parking lot).  
Look for one of the feathered friends to your right, and you’re off!

Wave "Goodbye," or "Adieu," or even "See y'all!" to Tom and head off to the next Critter!

Follow the sidewalk to the right until you reach the flag poles.  You'll find the three barnyard
animals nearby.

Critter Crawl at City Hall
Critter Crawl at City Hall
is a project created by the
Snellville Arts Commission

2014 Founder Sponsors include
Snellville Downtown Development Authority
Snellville Tourism and Trade
Bobby Howard
Kelly Kautz
Diane Krause
Tom Witts

Words and Design by
Kirk Buis

Drawings by
Jean Baldwin

Inspired by an idea from
Diane Krause
While traveling from London to the good ol’ USA,
Two fine-feathered friends were conversing on their way
Deciding where to make their home and where at last to stay.
In Snellville, they concluded, where the sun shined to make hay.

Along with them, they took a list of friends they’d like to see:
A cat, some frogs, some dancing hogs, plus others there will be.
So on their trip, please join them as they travel fancy-free
You’ll have some fun now you’ve begun, we’re sure that you’ll agree!
First Feathered Friend

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon!
Now you’ve begun, you’re leaving soon.
My name’s Tom, no turkey I
Will say hello, then say goodbye!

Next on your journey you’re scheduled to see
Three barnyard friends, a critter spree!
Don’t be alarmed at their awkward state
They’re stacked three high, what an odd fate.

And now it’s time to say ‘Adieu’
We hope you’ll have fun before you’re  through.
If you prefer, we’ll say, ‘See y’all!’
As you embark on your ‘Critter Crawl’!
The Animal Pyramid

Three acrobatic animals discussed their lives one day
And wondered if their views’d improve if seen a different way.

“My perspective,” squealed the pig, “would be just fine for me
If my sight could rise at least one inch above my knee.”

The rooster crowed, “I think it’s true that if I were quite tall,
I’d notice lots of things, but, unhappily, I’m small.”

       And last, the cow went “Moooo!  While largest of this herd,
       I’d have a lovely time on top although it sounds absurd!”

               The pig first tried the bottom rung; the rooster in-between
               Alas!  A flattened fowl was truly not a pleasant scene.

                       The cow jumped on the rooster’s back, the pig sat way up high,
                       They tumbled quickly down, but vowed they’d give it one last try.

                              They settled on the order that you see here standing tall
                              I wonder just how long ’twill be before at last they fall?
McGillicutty, the K-9 Dog

McGillicutty, the K-9 dog, has an excellent sense of smell
For chocolate
and pizza
   and sundaes
           and pies
                   and for strawberry short cake as well.

McGillicutty, the K-9 dog, has found lots of things with his nose.
Like Fruit Loops
and jello
     and pastries
             and candy
                     and gooey, soft, warm marshmallows.
McGillicutty, the K-9 dog, has chased many smells up a tree
Like squirrels
and raindrops
      and beetles
              and sunshine
                      and once Senor Gato with glee!

The K-9 dog, McGillicutty, now finds his rare talents are jailed
From sniffing
   and chasing
           and tracking
                   and tracing
                           His dog watches now are cur-tailed!
The Croaker Quintet

There’s a fancy form of music playing down in Georgia way
And it starts your toes a’tappin’ and your head and hips to sway.
It’s heard in all the swamplands where amphibians will play,
And once begun, you’ll start to hum and always choose to stay.

Their rhythm section’s swinging (Edgar Burrough’s on the bass),
Playing tuba’s Cousin Harold, and he sets an oompah pace
Beating bongo’s sister Jane; when the cousins start to race
No furniture’s left standing ’cause they’ve wrecked the whole darn place.

On the end a’sawin’ fiddle is Tom Hopper, and you know,
By the evening’s end he’s plumb worn out from rosining his bow
Each night, his right arm’s numb from all the wagglin’ to and fro
It’s worth the cost to watch him cause he puts on quite a show!

And last, not least, Petunia is the singer for the band
She’s got the crowd a’jumping; they’re all smack dab in her hand.
With every song she croaks out, they all quickly understand
They’re witnessing pure genius, and they’ve heard it all firsthand.

So join them as they play their sound down by the verdant green
Rubbing elbows with your neighbor squished up tight like a sardine
The band’ll be a’smokin’, burning hot like gasoline
We’ll dance and play the night away; enjoy this hoppin’ scene!
Senor Gato

If you listen closely and keep still with all your might
You may hear a purring sound to give your heart delight
Gaze into the undergrowth to see a feline sight
A wondrous cat, imagine that! Now hear his words take flight:

“Mungojerrie, Macavity, Skimbleshanks, and Gus
These cats have all been friends of mine, and now they’re friends of us.
The Cheshire Cat and Crookshanks, Heinlein’s Petronius
And don’t forget that Cat with Hat who made delightful fuss.

“To read a book or poem on a quiet afternoon
Is one sure way to light a fire and spark away the gloom.
Each time you open up a book, to boredom, you’re immune.
Imagination’s all we have, make sure yours is in tune.”
Did you jump and hop around?  

The next Critters you'll find are much quieter.  Keep going along the sidewalk, and before
you know it, you'll meet Mama Bear and her two cubs.
Senor Gato sure enjoys a good book!  He looks like he'll never
put it down!

From where you're standing, you can probably see the next
Critters - they're on a fence nearby.  Why don't you fly on
over to them?
Those butterflies sure like a nice, peaceful view!

Keep heading along the sidewalk around the parking lot (make sure you watch out for cars!)  
You'll run into a hopscotch game.  Pause and play - maybe you could get your parents to try, too!  
Here are the rules*:

Playing the game of Hopscotch

The first player tosses the marker (typically a pebble, stick, coin or bean bag) into the first square.
The marker must land completely within the designated square and without touching a line or
bouncing out. The player then hops through the course, skipping the square with the marker in it.
Single squares must be hopped on one foot. For the first single square, either foot may be used.
Side by side squares are straddled, with the left foot landing in the left square, and the right foot
landing in the right square. Optional squares marked "Safe", "Home", or "Free" are neutral squares,
and may be hopped through in any manner without penalty. After hopping into the "Free" square,
the player must then turn around and return through the course (squares 7 and 8, then square 6,
next squares 4 and 5 and so forth) on one or two legs depending on the square until he or she
reaches the square with their marker. They then must retrieve their marker and continue the course
as stated without stepping into a square with another player's marker.

Upon successfully completing the sequence, the player continues the turn by tossing the marker
into square number two, and repeating the pattern.

If, while hopping through the court in either direction, the player steps outside a line, misses a
square, or loses balance, the turn ends. Players begin their turns where they last left off. The first
player to complete one course for every numbered square on the court wins the game.

Although the marker is most often picked up during the game, historically, in the boy's game, the
marker was kicked sequentially back through the course on the return trip and then kicked out.

Good luck!!!

Now that you're all warmed up (or, in your parents' case, all worn out!), you're ready for the next

Continue along the sidewalk in the same direction you've been traveling.  Somewhere along the
path, you'll find the Fabulous, Famous Croaker Quintet!
Mama Bear and the cubs are glad you stopped by to say hello.

Keep following the sidewalk around the corner first to the left and then to the right.  Remember, don't go into the street!

You'll see McGillicutty, the K-9 Dog, behind the fence on your right.
That McGillicutty looks like he'd be fun to romp with.  I hope he doesn't disturb Senor Gato too much!

Now, you're headed back toward City Hall.  Hold your Mom or Dad's hand while you cross the street!

Get back on the sidewalk, and before too long, you'll see four dancing pigs on your right.  Guess what
they're doing?

They're doing
The Snellville Jig!
The Snellville Jig

The one in front is Gertie
The one behind’s Roselle
The next in line is Clementine
And finally’s Purcell.

Now Gertie likes the tango
Roselle prefers ballet
The other swine enjoy in-line
It’s quite the cabaret!        

So, stand up on one tiptoe
Just like each little pig
First, lift your snout, then twist and shout
And do the Snellville jig!
I sure wish I could have been there to see you do the Snellville Jig!  Maybe you took a picture?

You're almost through!  There's only one more Critter to find.  Guess where he's hiding?  He's
right back where you started from.  Now, again, watch out for cars as you head back to the north
entrance to City Hall.  Before you get to the doors, you'll see our friend Jim waiting for you on the
* The rules for hopscotch were taken from the website:
Second Feathered Friend

Welcome back!  I’m glad you’re here
Were all of our directions clear?

Those Critters sometimes like to hide
I’ll bet you found them if you tried

My good friend Tom was first in line
He started off your search and find

Those barnyard friends were standing tall
Should we see now if they did fall?

And after that, the reading cat
Who’s ne’er inclined to stop and chat

Then butterflies and hopping scotch
(I wish that I’d been there to watch!)

And then you found the frog quintet
They sure make an unlikely set

You jumped your way to Mama Bear
McGillicutty next was there

And, finally, you danced the jig
In Snellville, like each little pig

And then there’s me, and who am I?
Well, my name’s Jim, and so, goodbye!

We hope you liked your Critter Crawl
Come back real soon to City Hall!
Mama Bear

Mama Bear waiting there
Sticks her nose out in the air
Is it summer, is it fall?
Cubs can hardly tell at all.

What's the weather out today?
"Can we go outside to play?"
Mama nods, and off they run
Doesn't matter, rain or sun.

First they hopscotch, then they jig
Dancing like each little pig
After, chasing butterflies
Leads to night and sleepy eyes.

Mama waits there, smiling wide
Stumbling cubs come back inside
Mama tucks them into bed
Dreams of play run through their head.