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Jonathan Cates
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Welcome to Snellville Arts
Art on the Wall at City Hall
Exhibit: Quilts of Valor -
through Sept 30
Snellville Ghost Tour
October 24, 25, 31 and
November 1
"Thanks for the Lift"  
Authors Kathie Van
Landingham and Gail Moseby
discuss their book:
September 19, 7 - 9pm
Art on the Wall at City Hall
Artists and groups interested
in having a solo show of their
own at City Hall are
encouraged to contact
Gallery Director Nedra Bailey
View the Art in City Hall
Policy and Procedures on the
Forms and Contracts page.
Critter Crawl at City Hall
An Animal Scavenger hunt
for young and old!  Click on
the link for the Critter Crawl.  
Begin at the north entrance to
City Hall, and you're off!
A Christmas Carol
Summit Chase Country Club.
December 7, 2014
We're glad you're interested in the growth of fine arts in Snellville!  The Snellville Arts Commission is under the
direction of Commission Chairman Kirk Buis.  Questions or comments for the Snellville Arts Commission should be
directed to

Can't find what you're looking for?  Questions or comments on the website?  Contact, webmaster.
Presentations by local authors
who talk about their books
and the art & crafts of a
career as a writer.  Authors
interested in having a show at
City Hall are encouraged to
contact Judy Leavell at
Snellville Photo Catalog of
locations for the Film
and Television Industry
Location!  Location!  Location!  
The catalog features homes,
businesses, and more for
potential use by media makers.  
Your site can be photographed
and included at no charge!   
Contact Alisa Boykin at
Local Art in Local Business :
Art Gallery Director Nedra
Bailey is networking artists
with local businesses.  It's a
win-win as she partners their
work with their walls (respectively)
Artists/Business owners
can contact Nedra at
more information.
and Trade
Summit Chase
The following
companies and
individuals have
donated their time,
money and/or resources
toward projects for the
Snellville Arts